NUCIFIC BIO X4 REVIEWS – Advanced Weight Loss Probiotic and Digestive Health Support?


Nucific Bio X4 – Potent Probiotic Supplement For Faster Weight Loss & Better Digestive Health

NUCIFIC BIO X4 REVIEWS - Advanced Weight Loss Probiotic

Bio X4 is a proprietary digestive enzyme Blend consisting of a 4-in-1 weight loss supplement that utilizes the power of probiotics, as well as more inherently traditional weight loss ingredients, to help you lose weight faster and more efficient.

Who Is Nucific & Dr Amy Lee?

BIO X4 is manufactured by Nucific Inc. who is located in Tarzana, California.

Their entire presentation behind the Nucific Bio X4 is headed and lead by Dr. Amy Lee, a certified Bariatric Physician whose lifetime work specializes in internal medicine and physical nutrition.

She is the founder and director at the Integrated Wellness Center in Los Angeles, CA and has prestigious degrees from the American Board of Internal Medicine, National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists (NBPNS) and American Board of Obesity Medicine.

BIOX4 can be helpful to anyone who is trying to slim down naturally without dangerous prescription drugs…without radical lifestyle changes

If you have watched the BIO X4 video in its entirety (which we strongly recommend – and has been viewed well over 1,000,000 times), you will find her healthy weight management approach is rooted on avoiding 3 harmful foods that we should all stop consuming and using on a daily basis along with adding her 4 natural weight loss boosters and digestion helpers.

Her first major harmful health food was sugar-laden yogurt.
Her second major harmful health food was high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) wheat beard.

Her third major harmful health food was sugar and HFCS cereal bars.
She also gave way to her number one carbohydrate to avoid in olestra/olean (banned in Canada, China and Europe) which was created by Proctor & Gamble to be a calorie and cholesterol fat free substitute.

She was quick to point out that carbs, gluten and sweets are okay to eat in moderation but to completely stay away from soda, pop and even diet sodas.

Let’s continue to discuss the details of the core message behind the video and that is digestive health and wellness and how BIO X4 and potentially help solve these on-going problems.

Who Needs BIO-X4?

BIO-X4 can be helpful to anyone who is trying to slim down naturally without dangerous prescription drugs… without radical lifestyle changes… without impossible-to-maintain diets.

If you are having trouble curbing that hunger and getting the body you deserve, try BIO-X4 for 90 days risk-free. If you are not 100% satisfied with your fat-loss results, increased energy levels, and improved digestive health… we’ll refund your money — no questions asked.

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How Does Bio X4 Work?

With a unique blend of 4 different digestive and fat-loss enhancers, each capsule of BIO-X4 is designed to help you feel great while shrinking your waistline. The hunger-control power of caralluma fimbriata and the fat-burning capabilities of EGCG work in concert with the digestive boost of probiotics and digestive enzymes to help your body reach its full weight-loss potential.

With your hunger down and your energy up, you can finally begin to see the progress you’ve been struggling to achieve in both your weight and your health.

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Users of BIO-X4 have reported…

  • Dramatically reduced junk food cravings
  • Losing stubborn fat that they couldn’t lose before
  • Significantly more energy throughout the day
  • Freedom from embarrassing gas, bloating, and irregular bathroom visits

In her 3 Harmful Foods, Dr. Amy Lee had a quote worth remembering in saying, “your digestive system can either make you energy or it can make you fat, but it cannot make you both.” So what is her proactive digestion solution?

According to Nucific, there are four main ingredients in Bio X4 (which the official website says is a one of a kind revolutionary formula consisting of 4 proven nutrients that support digestive aid and effective weight loss management), these ingredients include:

— Digestive Enzymes that “maximize the amount of nutrients you absorb out of everything you eat.”

— 39 Billion “Colony-Forming Units” of probiotics which help to re-balance your digestive GI tract with healthy bacteria in the gut which promotes regular bowel movements and immune health.

— Caralluma Fimbriata Extract, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant and improves your mood.

EGCG, which is sourced from pure green tea extract to help increase your metabolism so you can burn more fat.

NUCIFIC BIO X4 REVIEWS - Advanced Weight Loss Probiotic

Combined these four ingredients work together to help support your digestive system, while simultaneously helping you lose weight. Each of these four ingredients was specially designed to help you with one of these two goals, which is why Nucific Bio-X4 probiotics are so effective.

Does Bio X4 Really Work?

Bio X4’s ingredients actually do have some clinical data to back up their claims. Caralluma Fimbriata Extract for example has been clinically proven to help suppress appetite and to improve mood.

ECCG is also one of the most well known metabolism boosters and since the ECGC found in Bio X4 is directly extracted from green tea extract, it is ultra concentrated to help give you a true boost in your metabolism.

We haven’t found out much documentation for the “digestive enzymes” , but we did find that many strains of probiotics found in Bio X4 are proven to help support digestive functions and may help calm your digestive system and relieve diarrhea or constipation.

Benefits of Bio x4

BIO-X4-IngredientsSo what exactly can Bio X4 do for you? Here are the benefits that Nucific claims Bio X4 can provide you:

BIO-X4 is specifically designed to flip that situation on its head and help you…

  • Control those cravings that make you overeatNUCIFIC BIO X4 REVIEWS - Advanced Weight Loss Probiotic
  • Boost your metabolism and burn more fat
  • Get the energy and nutrients you need from the food you eat
  • Feel more confident without gas and bloating after eating

— Improved Digestion
— Decreased Appetite/food Cravings
— Faster Metabolism For Safe Weight Loss
— Restoration Of Healthy Gut Bacteria
— Improved Mood
— Increased Energy Levels
— Plus Much More


Side Effects of Bio X4

According to Nucific, Bio X4 has no known side effects and it is made up of pure ingredients. They manufacture supplements that are both gluten-free and allergen-free, and their products do not contain any filler ingredients whatsoever.

The only warning Bio X4 gives is that people taking anti-depressants should be wary about using Bio X4 because it contains Caralluma Fimbriata Extract, which may cause mood swings if you are taking common antidepressants. If you are on an antidepressant, then it’s recommended you ask your doctor whether or not Bio X4 is right for you.

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Buying Nucific’s Bio X4 Probiotic Supplement

You can buy Bio X4 online or directly on the Nucific website. There are three different packages offered for Bio X4 that you can choose from:

One Bottle (30-day supply): $49.00
— Three Bottles (90-day supply): $129.00 – You save 12%
— Six Bottles (180 day supply): $240.00 – You save 18%

No matter which order you purchase, you are protected with a 90-day money back guarantee and can even find it on If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order of Bio X4, then you can return your bottle and receive a full refund for your purchase.

Final Thoughts On Bio X4

There’s a lot to like about Bio X4. Not only does Bio X4 contains ingredients that are proven to provide the benefits they claim, but Bio X4 is also dosed properly to help you maximize the benefits you experience while taking the supplement.

It may not be the more affordable product, but Bio X4 is arguably much more effective and safer. Compared to other products we’ve tested, Bio X4 is a home run. We definitely think that Bio X4 can definitely provide you with the weight loss benefits you desire.



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